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This web site is operated and by the Maxion, Maxion is for information purposes or for use in accessing the site to you. All the users benefit from this site, shall be deemed to have accepted these terms of use. Maxion Company with the contact information other information in this web site's "contact" section of the title can be found.

Owner of all content on this site Maxion. All intellectual property rights in the site (including copyright and neighboring rights) Maxion and / or a variety of organizations, including Maxion Company and of its shareholders will continue to be content. Site content can not be used outside of the limits specified conditions of use.

Unless otherwise noted, this site is intended for your personal and non-commercial use. The site provides information, software, products or services can not be changed neither by you, may not be copied, transmitted, displayed can not be, can not be performed, reproduced, publish, license given them derived from other jobs, transferred or sold. A portion of the materials in this site, for your own non-commercial use, any copyright, trademark, patent or not to change and accidentally delete the condition that view, electronically copy, download, print and written materials. Holding any of the materials on this site without written permission from the Pearl modification, reproduction, distribution, publication, display, transfer, and similar activities on duty are prohibited.

That you have downloaded the software, files, graphics, data and materials, Maxion or Maxion owned by licensees. If you download these materials, they are under the protection of the license may be withdrawn by you Maxion. Or can't sell and transport materials such as re-design or other form can not bring play.

Use of the Site and Responsibility
Maxion systems and software, computer viruses or "Trojan" programs and so on so-called "viruses" tries to protect you from the people and institutions while visiting this site or downloading materials from the site as a result of a link provided on this site or any other web sites which will occur due to the computer and the system is not responsible for losses.

During use of the site content and materials uploaded to the site users who have legally responsible for such content on and has no responsibility for such content Maxion. The installation of a commercial content to the Site is prohibited.

Benefit from use of the site or the site persons, institutions and organizations hacking the site, viruses, trojans and so on. Providing legal action that disrupts informal methods of systems snuck into the site, the site's content this way pornographic, ethically acceptable, non-racist, inflammatory, threatening, incitement of violence, third-party names, trademarks, and copyrights in any way or violation of the law who raped which constitutes the installation of a content to the site, distributed, published or unlawful methods to prevent access to the site to remove the content in question durumunda. Maxion, who carried out such actions, freeze or cancel the membership, to suspend access to the site, legal remedies and directing the perpetrators of such acts claim rights reserved.

As a result of the above-mentioned actions or any of the other users of the site Maxion accepts no responsibility for any damage suffered by individuals and organizations. Responsibility belongs exclusively to the risks and rewards arising from the use of the site.

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, personally identifiable information, except that you have submitted through this site Maxion all the ideas, suggestions, comments, graphics or other information subsequent termination of this agreement shall remain the property of the Maxion. Maxion and authorities all the information you send us for all commercial and non-commercial purposes, without any payment obligation, no matter whatever the reason, copy, disclose, distribute, making it the freedom to use and has the added structure.

Maxion Ingredients
Consists of general information and a private person, is not intended to meet the needs of the institution and the third party. Maxion an agreement between the users and the site does not feature. On the performance of the products or services does not guarantee. Current, comprehensive, complete or does not have to be exact. Does not constitute any advice or professional opinion.

Links to Other Sites
This site also access other websites around the world. Bu If you visit any of the sites you should review that site's privacy and other policies. Maxion does not control these sites. Section of the Web site address Web address (URL) of the site or any other site is still Maxion in order to determine whether you check. Are not responsible for the policies and practices of other companies. To take risks that may occur when accessing these sites.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy, please visit our web site to find out in detail in the "Privacy Policy", please visit the section titled.

Changes to the Terms of Use
Maxion wants, at any time declare or make changes to the terms of use of the site without notice. Replaces the above changes to the terms of use. When changes are made, users shall be subject to the new terms of use. Therefore, advised to visit this page regularly.

Any provision of these Terms of Use is held to be invalid or unenforceable if the invalid or unenforceable provision, the purpose of the original provision to the nearest valid, enforceable provision will be replaced and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

No Waiver
Not apply to any part of the conditions to such use by the Maxion, Maxion any of these terms of use for the actions of a person's past or future does not constitute a waiver of the right to practice. Maxion or any company under Maxion the actions of any reliance by any person, that does not mean waiver of these Terms of Use. Only signed by an authorized representative of Maxion an open and legally valid written waiver.

This site is controlled and operated by Maxion. About the content of the site and the site to solve any dispute exclusively Turkish property, plant and applied, and the Rules of Procedure Law Courts and law enforcement offices.

Privacy Policy
Automatic Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Data
You use non-personal information about you that is automatically collected our site (for example, when entering the site, such as a web browser you are using). This kind of information does not provide information about your identity, but these log files records held istatistikel purposes Maxion site will help you develop. (For example, see pages are not popular popular ones, etc.). When you visit our site, this information automatically on your computer a "cookie" can be stored by using small programs called. A "cookie" every time you enter the site through information you do not need to set it again. In this way, shall not be violated in any way, such as privacy if you want your computer "cookies" to interfere.

Cookies, a web site transfers to an individual's computer pieces of information in order to maintain records. So save your preferences when visiting a particular site providing online experience develops. Cookies, does not contain any personal information, your system will not make a profile, and transmit information from your computer.

When you open our website to your computer a "cookie" can place a. Is used to count the number of times you have visited our site the cookie. These temporary cookies, your web browser will be deleted when you exit. A permanent "cookie" can be saved to your computer via your web browser. When you enter the page, this kind of cookie if you are visiting the site earlier reports. A "cookie" not collect any personally identifiable information about you, does not transmit any personal information to us to get in touch with you, at the same time transmit any information from your computer. A "cookie" identify sections of our site that interests you the most, in order to offer you the page will use more of them.

The majority of Web browsers toolbar "help" section of the new web browser cookies how can be protected, a new cookie when faced with how to bring about stimulation of your web browser or all cookies describes how the impediment of. Cookies Maxion provides a note on the website take advantage of the new features, cookies to be turned on is recommended.

Contests and Matched
Sometimes the site will be presentations about our campaigns. In some cases, can be allowed to enter the promotion of electronically. In such a case, carry out the publicity campaign of the information you provide (for example, you are the winner, to contact you) use to. Promotion after the end of the reasonable period of time, the information did not enable us to contact you again saklamamıza and personal information will be deleted from our database.

Polls and Surveys
Occasionally, visitors to our site may ask you to fill out surveys about their attitudes and interests. Surveys help us to understand your needs. If this is published sample survey responses on the website, be added to any personal information.

Links to Other Sites
Maxion its own link to the website does not give any guarantee about the content of each site. In addition, there are different sites have different privacy policies. To know your rights, you should always check the privacy policy of the site you're visiting.

Choice and Control
You have full control over your personal information through our reporting. If you wish, you can delete the record completely. If you want to delete your listing, please send an email to the address below. If you delete your campaigns and contests that you agree to waive the right to participation.

Important Information for Children
If you are under 18 years of age, your name, address, e-mail address or any information about you with other people over the internet before you share any, please ask your parent or guardian and let it take if it is appropriate.

Childrens Privacy Policy
Contests in some parts of our Web site, the stakes arranged in such campaigns. In such cases, the participating children and young people under the age of 18 along with their contact information, their parents or guardian must provide the contact information. Campaigns and participate in competitions and stating the age of the children if it wins us the gift more personal information for delivery to (not with child) contact information is given to parents / guardians get in touch with. The completion of the campaign, except for the purpose of the child and parent / guardian will not use personal information for any other purpose, and (apart from the above-mentioned companies providing service support) with third parties (notice sent to parents never told explicitly) share.

Related Updates to Privacy Policy
Portions of this privacy policy, at any time, without prior notice, modify or update the. News on the changes, be sure to check our website for updates, please occasionally. The effective date of notice specified in the announcement on the first page. No change shall not be implemented to cover the previous events, and information on how to use the previously used alter the situation.

Law on Protection of Personal Data
As Maxion, it is our priority to process the personal data and to protect effectively the rights of individuals whose data have been processed for all personal data of real entities including our clients, customers, employee and local and foreign stakeholders in line with Constitution of Republic of Turkey, all international conventions that our country has been a party and all related legislation beginning with 6698 numbered Law on Protection of Personal Data (KVKK).

We would like to notify that; we may able to record, store or share with third parties or process in various types your personal data according to terms and conditions indicated in 6698 numbered KVKK. The purpose of this notice is to inform you about 6698 numbered Law and about your rights within the scope of mentioned Law.

What is our purpose while processing your personal data?
According to 6698 numbered KVKK, your ID information, your contact information, personal data such as age or gender, or various types of personal data you shared either in written or verbal form through our other web sites or similar/other channels or your several personal data obtained during using our services or other data obtained via cookies while using our web sites, are being processed to provide the necessary services in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, to make use of our services, the fulfillment, execution, development of transactions related with these,promotion, marketing, campaign activities related to these services and products, improving the services we provide, introducing and informing new services, the fulfillment of the requirements of the contracts concluded, the provision of commercial and legal security of real persons,the necessary work being carried out by our company, the determination of commercial policies,planning, statistics, customer satisfaction works, domestic and international legislative adaptation, undertaking of liability public institutions subject to keeping, storing, informing and with the purpose of serving you better.

With which methods do we collect your Personal Data?
Your personal data may be collected automatically or non automatically, in electronic environment or either verbal or in written, from company with all associates, from the parties which the company procures supplementary services, from the contracted institutions, from our web sites and other channels with the purpose of undertaking our activities, to adopt company policies and legislation in line with basic principles of law and terms and conditions of processing personal data.  

For whom and for what purposes can we transfer your Personal Data?
Your personal data may be transferred to 3rd parties with the condition of open consent with the individuals and institutions such as associates of our company, legal consultants, financial consultants and tax consultants, inspectors, hosting services, relevants from which the company takes supplementary service and authorities like public institutions, legal offices or SSI.

What are your rights related with article II of 6698 numbered Law?
By applying to our company, you have the right;

a) whether your personal data has been processed or not,
b) in case your personal data has been processed, to demand information related with the issue,
c) to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they have been used in line with such purpose,
ç) to know the third parties either inside the country or not that your personal data has been transfered to,
d) in case your personal data has been processed missing or wrong, to demand for correction,
e) to demand for erasing or terminating your personal data within the framework of conditions indicated in article 7 of the Law,
f) to ask for notification of third parties that your personal data has been transfered to according to sub paragraphs (d) and (e) mentioned above,
g) to raise a complaint against occurrance of a result against you since your personal data has been analyzed by exclusive automatic systems and
ğ) in case of any damage since your personal data has been processed illegally, you have the right to demand compensation of damage.

What are the cases that do not require consent according to 6698 numbered Law?
According to 2nd paragraph of article 5 0f 6698 numbered Law on Protection of Personal Data, the company is granted right to process personal data without taking the open consent unless it has been clearly foreseen in law, it is obligatory with the purpose of protecting the life or physical integrity of the individual or another person who is incapable of explaining consent due to physical obstacles or whose consent is not given reality, being directly related with establishing or executing a contract, that it is obligatory for our company to fulfill its liability as data responsible, that it has been exposed by the individual himself, that the data processing is necessary for establishing, using or protecting a right, that the data processing is obligatory for the company as data responsible with the condition not disturbing the basic rights and freedoms of the relevant individual.

Since the company does not have any liability to keep any secrets related with data which shall be exposed to public about information in turnovers or activity reports due to principle of clarity or data transfer is kept mandatory for the company to fulfill its legal obligations due to the relevant legislation to the individuals or institutions arranged by law or in similar conditions, the company is authorized to expose, transfer or process the related data without taking consent.